What we do

Take payments to the next level

Developed in-house to the highest standards, our sophisticated payment platform enables higher customer volumes at lower costs. Your customers experience this as the Ilixium Secure Token of the Ilixium Wallet – seamlessly integrated into your online payment processes.


Scaleable transactions per second


Countries and 25 currencies covered


Improvement in Acceptance

A platform built for you

Through one unified interface, you get access to our automated routing engine. This seamlessly handles your transactions through hundreds of potential permutations, which accelerates acceptance and lowers costs.

Don’t gamble on whether your customers will pay or not, stay ahead of the game and increase your deposits by 21% with Ilixium

Ilixium is easy to implement – and takes the hassle out of payment management

Simple integration

It’s easy to integrate Ilixium into your digital check-out processes. There’s a single API that gives you access to all the features and securely communicates all transactional data – whether customers are paying you, or you’re refunding them.

Real-time insight

Real-time reporting shows the status of all transactions, providing insight to help you better support customers in their journey.


Our platform is modular by design, but we’re always happy to discuss bespoke requirements. Whether you are launching a new service which requires a unique customer payment experience or have a complex requirement, our team is always here to help.

Streamlined admin

No more hefty operational costs or managing multiple acquirers, payment methods and banks. We reconcile cash and payments and then give you a consolidated payment – along with a billing statement and detailed transaction breakdown. The result: a simple interface for your accounts team.

Security and compliance are a serious business. To remain best-in-class, we have a mantra: Regulated. Responsible. Reliable.

Robust technology platform

When it comes to protecting you and your customer, there’s no space for compromise. We built our digital wallet and payment experience inside a hardened shell that incorporates comprehensive anti-fraud, authentication and data security services.

Anti-fraud excellence

We’re constantly working to stay ahead of fraudsters’ evolving techniques. Our internal fraud engine monitors, alerts and rejects attempted fraudulent transactions – and performs synchronous and asynchronous checks on payment submissions.

World-class authentication

Created in-house, our Adaptive Authentication Matrix platform ensures only the registered account holder can make payments. Our rules engine decides what combination of authentication checks to perform based on the transaction’s significance. These multi-factor checks include requests for information only the user will know.

Next-level data security

Supporting cards, bank transfers and alternative methods, our sophisticated in-house payment gateway transforms, routes and transmits data between Ilixium and our banking partners. This ensures data is transformed to the standards required for the payment and recipient type. With our tokenisation and encryption technology, a banking-grade security framework, all sensitive personal data (including payment data) is masked as it’s stored or processed online.

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