Who we are

Responsibly regulated, reliably innovative

Revolutionising the payments industry with our unique combination of local knowledge and international outlook, we deliver a superior service that drives value for your business and customers. From onboarding to reconciling and beyond, we’re redefining payment processing excellence across international jurisdictions.

Navigate the payments world with confidence

With a truly global footprint, you can be confident that we are here to support your needs, wherever you are.

Why Ilixium

Industry specialisms

Our clients achieve such great results thanks to our deep domain expertise

A trusted team of innovators 
& problem solvers

Everything we do is backed by our knowledgeable and capable people. With expertise spanning technology, regulation, legislation and customer experience, we build strategic partnerships that add value to your business.

We’re a determined bunch – and the streak of tenacity running through each and every one of us is reflected in the way we work. If there’s no immediate solution, we’ll never settle for flimsy product benefits with no foundation. Instead, we hunt down, tweak, iterate and design the right outcomes for your business.

Sandy MacAngus

Chairman & Founder

Technologist at heart, innovator and disrupter.

Richard Smith

CEO & Founder

Executive oversight of the Ilixium group worldwide, strategy and relationships.

Sarah-Jayne Van Greune

COO & Founding Member

Expertise in data, business intelligence, information security, operations, compliance and people.

Steve Price

CTO & Founding Member

Engineering products and development processes to provide innovative payment solutions.

Staffan Herbst


Involved with payments and e-commerce evolution to expand Ilixium into new regions.

Joe Clements

Head of Treasury & FX

Highly motivated, confident and enthusiastic - exemplifies excellent communication and leadership skills.

Leo Di Benedetto

Managing Director of Ilixium Canada

Experienced Payments Director recognized for innovative problem solving and in-depth analysis.

In good company

Ilixum is part of the Payen Group Company, an intelligent cross-border payment solutions business. Payen create smarter digital payment solutions you can trust to work every time, all the time.

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